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16th of Nov, 18:30
Theatre 9

Wstęp wolny za okazaniem bezpłatnej wejściówki, którą można odebrać w wyznaczonych kasach Kina Nowe Horyzonty 15 listopada od 9.00 do 21.30 oraz 16 listopada od 9.00 do rozpoczęcia wydarzenia (liczba wejściówek ograniczona, jedna osoba może odebrać tylko jedną wejściówkę).

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Jerry Schatzberg Masterclass
dir. Jerry Schatzberg / / 70’

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Jerry Schatzberg was born in 1927 in New York. Prior to becoming a filmmaker, he was a renowned photographer specializing in portraits; his best known works include images of celebrities such as Bob Dylan, Fidel Castro, Roman Polanski, Jimi Hendrix, Milos Foreman and many others. As a director, he is considered one of the leading members of the New Hollywood movement, which, in the early 1970s, produced bold, ambitious and introspective films dealing with serious sociopsychological issues of the time (other directors include e.g. Martin Scorsese). That is considered the best period in Schatzberg’s career, which took a hit after the arrival of New Adventure Cinema directed by the likes of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas; his later films were received with indifference or dislike. Schatzberg’s early works are still prized for the same qualities that characterize his photographs – the ability to extract truth from gesture and emotion, catch exceptional moments that construct and relaxed and open but thematically precise narrative.

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